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Hi everyone, posting a review on my Duster (110ps RxL), hope it is helpful for those who are looking for a strong SUV.

Renault Duster- Look and Feel

As all of you know, the Duster looks really strong and robust on the road, a head turner in its own right. It has a nice shape which complements its looks. I love the way Renault has designed the rear side of the car though some find it not so attractive. The big headlights make it look broader and firm. On the exterior, you will see that the windows are really big and they facilitate when traveling to a nice location.

Renault Duster- Interior and Features

The interior of the Duster could have been a lot better, I say it because when I first TD it I asked if I could have more colour options but there werent any. They are classic biege in colour. The plastic used above the door knob has a very plasticy look. I got used to it though. There are features like music system, rear ac vent (with independent controls), mirror adjustments (took me some time to get used to its controls) ^_^

There is more than enough space for the luggage and in the rear seats 3 people can sit comfortably. No cramming. This advantage comes in handy while traveling.

Fuel Economy and Engine:

The car is fuel efficient and the engine performs nicely. The gearbox comes with 6 speed manual transmission so the ride is smooth. It averages with 18 kmpl on the highways and over 16 kmpl in the city which is good. The acceleration is swift and there are no lags in any gear.

Handling and Driving Pleasure:

Duster as a ride is very smooth, gives immense driving pleasure even on the baddest roads. Sliding through traffic is not very difficult.


For those who desire to own a strong SUV should buy Duster, it has all the necessary features one would want in an SUV. Also, I would like to mention that I did not face any problem with after sales service, thought to mention it here because I have read quite a few complaints about it.


Looks, fuel efficiency, space in the rear and boot space, shock absorption, front air bags, value for money


Dull interior, the music system and the rear ac vent which looks a bit ugly.

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A job well done.

Do add some photos if possible.

The Fuel Efficiency is really great for a vehicle of this size.

Did you get it serviced ? if yes do share some maintanence costs that you incurred.

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