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The dream comes true! Mighty Audi Q7 comes home

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hi guys. Its the first review i am to post here. Just bought the biggest car of my life so far. Audi Q7. The beast. Well, it started all back in 2011 when my 3er' started having problems. But somehow my family was attached to it, so didn't agree to sell it. I waited for the right time to arrive..when it'll come. I was counting days. Many dilemmas went on. My dad was strict to buy sedan only and just then on one outing our 3er' scratched its belly badly and a TATA Aria smoothered beside us. My dad got angry and 1st he said let's hunt a suv. We were only to buy sub 30lac suv and after a lot of thinking we booked the santa fe. But then I gotta know Hyundai already has this model facelifeted in some other countries. It didn't look good to me. I was to get only 7 seat suv. No 5 seater anyway. Now we want exclusivity and there are too many fortuners now a days. Well then my dad after knowing this thouht a bit,picked up the phone and cancelled the order & asked me if there is any 40lacs suv. I could only name the FL2 that is recently updated. We went to the showroom,td it but didnt feel as rich as we wanted. Also it was a 5 seater. So,cancelled it. Then my dear dad told me when its a 5 seater better to stick to sedans. We checkhed 5er' and E class. I quite well knew Merc. is gona launch new E shortly. Also my mom wished 4 a 7seater ride only.

Then suddenly 1day we visited Audi Kolkata casually and my dad saw a CBU unit of fully loaded Q7 parked in a corner. He was already sold b its looks. I couldn't even imagine then my dad already started thinking to buy it. The AGM was our relative, so getting td was no problem.

We drove, love it and at that very spot my dad made 2 calls to ensure how far we can go & suddely 1 check was dropped to the Audi Kolkata. The sales guy got shocked.he said we are really an easy customer for them. Well,formalities done,papers cleared. Loan cleared. Just got the delivery yesterday. Drove it a little for 50kms and parked it in kolkata and we came bck to our home(not in kolkata). We need to make the garage here 1st. Detailed review will come later. Only initial experience now.

Well,it is a best to drive. Mammoth in size. Truly big. But get a good open road and its a pleasure to ride. I like the way it rides and pampers and the engine is just about perfect. Surely its not too ferocous but it is surely more then enough on Indian roads..as a whole its like a dream inside the car. Very well put together. Awesome build quality. Seats are too comfy.in short its the ride

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@Prancinghorse. It'll take time to post pics as i operate these forums with my phone & in my local4ty net speed is slow. I got 3.0 as 4.2 is available now only on special order & Audi Kolkata didn't even have a stock car to check out. The sales guy told 4.2 is a very rare model now and they need half payment at the time of booking then it'll take around 6-8 months to get delivered, I'm in super hurry, also I got a good deal and it is a fully loaded unit I got & when I test drove 3.0 I didn't feel any shortage of power or anything.

Thanks 4 supporting. Sent the car to RTO 4 reg. in few days I'll try posting a big detailed review. Anything more on it I should focus on, guys pls let me know

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