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Suggestion for bike in price range upto 1 lakh.

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I have narrowed down three options

1) Yamah fazer

2) Bajaj pulsar 200 ns

3) Apache rtr 180 cc

which one should i buy among these. Give some reasons in terms of looks, performance, milege and comfort.

Also which one can be more suitable for long distance rides.

If any other bike fits my requirement please sugget.

Thanks in advance.

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For long distance travelling, I'd suggest you Yamaha Fazer or Pulsar 200 NS, as Apache isn't as comfy to drive for long as these other two.

Yamaha is more on Comfort & less on power while Pulsar 200NS is opposite. However both are having identical fuel efficiencies

Test drive both these & then decide it further.

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I would suggest to lok more closely to Fazer, this is a touring bike with wider tyres and comfortable riding posture. Apache is not got for comfort at all unless you are going to ride within city around 10 20 KM per day.

Pulsar on the other hand is a good bike but again if you are thinking to ride it on for long distance, it will give you backache.

FE wise, pulsar would be marginally better than Fazer but that should not be bothering.

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I agree with SID Safari. Karizma ZMR it has to be for long distance rides. Superb engine, excellent riding posture and if you are of an average Indian height say 5.6 or 5.7, The NS will just about have your toes touching the ground against the entire foot in the ZMR. This factor could change the confidence of riding the bike quite a bit in the city.


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Just some insights about the new pulsar ns 200.

I had a second round of TD of Pulsar NS 200 today after the first TD didn't bring any big smile and I am really disappointed again. I can't wait for TBTS 350, its just too long and i am in urgent requirement of a bike.

This is no offence to anyone who owns Pulsar NS 200, its just my views purely personal.

I really like the looks except the rear which is really ackward and simply dis-proportionate and on same lines with PS 135. I felt the engine to be good but not really very much refined as such but to be true its league ahead of the old pulsars. The sixth gear is just a waste in the city traffic and doesn't have much to do in terms of more power or so, may be its helpful on open highway roads. I had a lot of false neutrals and difficulty in changing gears. Pillion seat comfort is too bad and i had a lot of complaints from the pillion.

More importantly the vibration levels are too high. I experienced the vibes getting transmitted to my spine and the pillion rider had more vibes than the rider. I personally feel this is a serious drawback for those who claim this to be a touring bike.

The seating position was good but believe me, the sudden braking had bad effects on my abdomen. Hope you guys understand.. The tank is too high from the seating level which is a serious concern and surprisingly no one has reported the same.

The suspension was quiet ok and definitly not bad i felt it to be a bit hard. The rear disc is simply a hype but the front disc was remarkable and good. Overall equipment is good and quiet natural that Bajaj normally does well on that. With regard to the triple spark plug i don't see any big requirement and just its an additional cost when sparks fail. That all i have to say about it and also tuning will be a great issue.

Overall i didn't feel anything remarkable or jaw dropping aspect about NS 200. But indeed its a value package. But some people were just comparing it with TBTS 350 in terms of power etc which i beg to differ and again its individual perception. With regards to the color, Yellow looks good and better than other ones.


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Talking between 3 of these, all of them have a goog reputation on Indian roads

PULSAR 200 NS - 1. Great bajaj bike (renowned name) Great street performance, LIght weight and zippy to use. Double petal discs works great, milage around 30 kmpl in extreme conditions. Good resale value and less maintanance costs. Focusses only on performance (spending long hours on bike could lead to backaches) b'coz of spirited riding position.

VERDICT:- Buy it if you are keen on performance.

Yamaha Fazer- Great bike.

Astonishing quality, good performer and a nice tourer

Made for stress free driving, milage arond 35 to 40 kmpl in normal riding conditions.

VERDICT:- Makes a good case in itself if you want a bike with stressfree ownership great quality and decent performance on streets and on highways.

TVS Apache RTR 180- Recently updated, good looks decent performance (not in league of pulsar 200 NS ofcourse due to less capacity engine) ,bulit quality outstanding, good street bike with nice performance (equivalent to yamaha fazer),COMES FITTED WITH ABS. milage 30 to 40 kmpl(depends upon your driving style), resale and maintanance easy on your pocket.

VERDICT:- Costs cheapest in the trio and behaves well as a commuter as well as a sports bike.

At last Apache RTR 180 ABS makes a great case for itself giving good performance and results in a dependable bike with nice ergonomics and a decent costs to manage your wallet! GO FOR IT!!

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