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Eastern free way

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Last week I went for a drive on the new EASTERN FREEWAY.. Which I believe is truly the only freeway in India .

No signals, no crossings, no intersection , no toll , no cats and dogs, no two wheelers, no pedestrian, no trucks

It's just you your vehicle and the road.. Gr8

I have never driven in India on such a road which is free of all the above interferences ..

Covered around 12 km in 9 min that too in the heart of the city ...

This was truly unbelievable ..

There is a tunnel followed by a longgg fly over.. One ve- I feel is there r only 4 lanes.. 2 each side .. This does not sound very future proof..

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Thanks for sharing this. I havent been on the free way yet but it seems to be a nice road from what you and others have said. The only major issue I have heard about is the traffic jams at the entrance to the freeway from both side. Hope that gets sorted soon.

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