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VW Polo petrol service interval

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i am driving vw polo petrol trendline.

i bought it in sept 2012.

i have been driving it only 3500km till now and assume 4000km till my first service.

vw says it should be serviced 15000km or 1 year.

so is it really a worth serving my vehicle as the running is very less.

please suugest me the best.

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you should get your POLO serviced if it is crossing either of the two criterias as mentioned in the User Car Manual i.e. either completion of KMs or Years.

In your case as you said it would be just 4K KM at the time of 1st year completion, then also this rule applies.

Secondly, if you would skip this, VW will void your car's warranty and God forbid if you would need it then you would not be able to claim it.

So get it serviced.

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