Paste ads on your car, forget about paying EMI


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Dreamers Media and Advertising Pvt. Ltd recently announced the national launch of a new exciting concept in the OOH space, adding a unique dimension to the world of advertising. This new concept in in-transit advertising will engage with consumers for the first time directly through the passenger car segment and benefit allied industries – the direct beneficiaries being the Auto industry and allied arms like Banking and Insurance.Consumers who wish to purchase a car through Dreamers can avail of the offer by paying a 25% down payment with EMI tenure of 5 years. Dreamers will pay the EMIs for the first three years while the consumer will make the payments for the last two years; in return Dreamers will utilize 40 – 60 % of the customer’s car space. This space is the commercial driver for Dreamers, which will then sign up both long and short term contracts with interested advertisers.

Speaking on the concept Mr. Sunis Mohamed, CEO, Dreamers Media and Advertising Pvt. Ltd said, “With our unique offering we intend to create demand and give a boost to the auto industry which is currently going through a lull phase. It will allow a common man to translate his aspiration of buying a car into reality. At the same time, the concept will also enable brands to reach in the most interactive manner to a wider target audience and create a new communication medium in the OOH space which still is at a very nascent stage and is poised for growth”.

Dreamers is already talking with auto majors the automotive sector, and the company is also looking at associating with various national and private banks and insurance companies as well.

Speaking on the occasion Shivani Lorai, Director Marketing and Sales, Dreamers Media and Advertising Pvt. Ltd said, “As indicated by recent reports, Out-of-Home advertising has assumed greater importance due to increasingly busy work schedules, longer commutes and lesser time dedicated to watch television or read a newspaper. Out-of-Home advertising increases the number of connect points with consumers and engages them at different levels, even when you are stuck in traffic.”

“We have invested a lot of time and effort in setting up strong back-end support processes like a 24 x 7 call center to ensure pipeline maintenance, handle customer complaints and business partners, an in-house design team for making creatives and field staff to ensure cars are clean, stickers are intact and VTS is working”, Sunis added.

With positive feedback from advertisers, partners, OEMs and banks and partnerships in the pipeline, Dreamers Media and Advertising aims to achieve a turnover of 150 crores in the first fiscal. (source:motoroids)

Dreamers concept:


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Can only be availed by someone with an annual income of 10L

I read that this scheme is targeted at middle class people with annual income < 10L?

more points:

- cost of car (on road) should not exceed 6L

In this range not many diesel cars are available and running petrol cars for 1500km/month might be too expensive.

May be it's another way to push petrol car sales during these sluggish time.

- what if this company goes bankrupt, who will pay the EMIs for initial 3 yrs?

- they will install GPS in car to track monthly running of 1500 kms

But anyway it's an interesting initiative.

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