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Jaguar to make an SUV. EDIT: First Spy shot added

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The Leaping Cat is now the newest on the block to join the SUV bandwagon. It has revealed the car is now in its advanced design stages, and could on sale by 2015.

With its compact footprint on the road, the long-awaited SUV (expected to be called Q-type or XQ, after Jaguar trademarked both names) will battle the BMW X3 and Audi Q5. But rather than borrowing its underpinnings from theRR Evoque, the newcomer will share its chassis with Jaguar’s forthcoming BMW 3 Series rival.

The SUV and compact exec are expected to use a chopped-down version of the XJ’s all-aluminium platform, which will not only help to keep weight down but spread the development costs, too. Both will also get a fuel-saving electric power-steering system – a Jaguar first that was developed on the C-X75 supercar – plus they’ll be offered with the option of rear or four-wheel drive.


Given the SUV’s size, the focus will be on four-cylinder engines. These are expected to include the 240bhp 2.0-litre Si4 turbo and 2.2-litre SD4 diesel (in a variety of outputs) from the Evoque. But both are set to be re-engineered for better fuel economy and refinement, while the latest eight-speed ZF auto box will be fitted as standard.

At the top of the range, a 340bhp version of Jaguar’s 3.0-litre supercharged V6 could be offered, as could a petrol-electric hybrid. The hybrid is expected to use tech derived from the C-X75 project, with one electric motor working with the engine to drive the rear axle and a second turning the front axle for four-wheel drive.


Source: Autoexpress UK

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I think the J in JLR should let LR keep making quality SUVs only..rather than another cliché crossover they should continue with the development of powerful sedans. A BMW 3/Audi A4 even S4 rival from the big cat will be highly appreciated and desirable!

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More news on the Jaguar SUV.

The reports, which emerged in the United States, suggest that the concept will be shown in order to guarantee the British car manufacturer significant headlines ahead of its heavy sales push over the next three years, off the back of the recent Jaguar F Type launch. It would also serve to highlight the technical capabilities of the latest aluminium PLA platform that will underpin a new family of Jaguar cars.

\The Jaguar F-type was always described by company bosses as the car that would legitimise future projects that stretched beyond the traditional markets for the firm. It is already known that a BMW 3 Series rival is in the advanced stages of development, ahead of a potential on-sale date in around 18 months. The SUV project is more controversial within Jaguar's traditional markets, however, which is said to be another reason why Jaguar is keen to introduce the concept as early as possible.

The SUV is tipped to be called either Jaguar Q-type or Jaguar XQ, both of which have been trademarked by the firm.


Source: Autocar UK

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