is it Upcoming skoda rapid EDIT: Its the Rapid Spaceback


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Skoda recently published a couple of

teaser pics of the upcoming car, before

finally publishing the third image and

confirming that there indeed is a Rapid

Spaceback headed our way!

Accompanying the teaser is a line which

reads: “Big news ahead in just a few


What we also have here are a couple of

pics which could be the images of the

“real deal”. Apparently, these images

leaked on to the cyberspace sometime

back, when Skoda accidently published

them on its official website.

The upcoming Skoda Rapid Spaceback

is essentially an estate variant of the

Rapid sedan. There is a good chance

that this estate is being readied to plug

in the gap between the Fabia estate and

the Octavia estate.

It may be noted that unlike in Indian car

market, where demand for estate

variants is as good as non-existent,

European market has always welcomed

these cars.

Powering the Rapid Spaceback could be

the same engines that power the sedan.

This means that among other engines,

the car would get a 1.2 TSI petrol motor

that also powers the India spec Polo GT


The Skoda Rapid Spaceback could be

seen making its public debut at the 2013

Frankfurt Motor Show which is

scheduled to be held in September.






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Although this car makes sense, estates have always been turned down in the Indian market.

There may be a possibility that Skoda may look at this as an Ertiga rival with a little bit of extended wheelbase.

Totally agree, perhaps this could be a starting point for SKODA to look for a product based on this.

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nice catch talib.

how come no one of you is posting any photos of the front ?

Should it be taken that the front has been left untouched if no pics are available.

One more thing , this has been really designed well , i see sharp cuts which have these days become trademark of a hack job we see everywhere to meet the magical 4M figure ,so does it mean its under 4M ? Which would also mean it has been designed with India on its mind.

Any dimensions available as of now.

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Great pic again.

This is no small car but a full blown station wagon incarnation of the New Octavia. But havent Skoda done it before with the Old Octavia , that one also failed to leave a mark.

The word Rapid confused me for a while as i begun seeing the Indian Rapid in it and the much talked about CS form of it under development.

Anyways will like to see this front fascia on the Indian Rapid and New Fabia also

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