Forum Members Mumbai meet anyone?


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Hello people

I just thought that it would be great idea to have a forum members meet. Of course I do know that members are spread country wide but it would be nice to set the balls rolling.

Ok I am based in Mumbai. Which other members here reside in Mumbai? Lets decide and set up a day time and place. It would be really nice to get to know each other over lunch or a cup of coffee.

Everyone is welcome though, not just those from Mumbai :)

So lets decide

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Hey Prancing Horse great initiative :)

I too dont wake up before lunch time on Sundays :P so i believe lets have a Sunday Afternoon (Say 3 pm) coffee meet or something.

Also I wont be able to make it on Saturday as im working.

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Hiranandani, Powai can be a potential location as there are many coffee shops & other options too.

Parking is also not a problem, and there are enough places where a small photoshoot can be done too, What say everyone ?

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