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Opting for ALLOY WHEELS and new tyre size for your car?? GOOD or BAD??

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Alloys look great on every car even it is a 1970 Ford Mustang to 1998 Maruti 800 to 2013 Tata Safari Storme, but, is opting for alloy wheels on your car, a good idea??

Let's check out some good and bad points....

Pros-> 1. The very first thing of course is they simply look great. Make your car stand out of the crowd.

2. Big rims improve ride quality to whole new level.

3. Broad tyres simply make performance effortless and make your car stick to road.

4. Alloys are strong and hence don't bend thus don't require alignment (as required in cars with steel rims)

5. They are light weight thus also increase fuel economy of your vehicle.

Cons-> 1. As alloys are rigid they won't bend like steel rims over sharp bumps and pothole thus leading to crack in them. A single alloy wheel cracked, can only be replaced and not repaired, thus relacement costs are very high.

2. In case, the alloys remains uncracked the sharp jerk get's transferred to the suspension and lead damage over there thus ultimately increases cost of repair.

3. Low profiles and alloys (having size greater than stock rims) are more likely to be damaged soon on our potholed roads.

4. Also alloys fitted a size bigger than the stock wheels and touching the wheels articulation are very prone to damages.

5. SUV's like Mahindra Scorpio, Tata Safari, Mahindra Bolero when fitted with big and broad tyres (although help in Off roading and looks really cool too) can also get damaged upto axels and differential bolts.

After all this, conclusion gets to one's choice. Fitting alloys can prove fun and better for a car if and only if done in a proper way by choosing correct rim & tyre size and getting them fitted by an expert!


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