Nirvana is this !


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Calling up Friends at 1am in the night n telling them "i m bored chal apan lonavala ja rahe hai" reach the meeting place n see 5 riders already waiting where only 2 were supposed to come. Some food at a dhaba with truck drivers on a highway at 3am.Tea at lonavala bus depot at 4am, spilling it everywhere while rolling with laughter at a friends pathetic joke. sittin wid your bike and friends on the lions point for 2 hours with freezing winds n a strong moonlight discussing n reliving all the fun times that we have had together, planning rides.The cold wind squeezing through the helmet n reaching your ears making a whistling sound that sends shivers down your spine. Hands numb from freezing winds even when you are wearing gloves.The light of the moon more powerful than ur bike's headlight. The feel of freedom. The feel of power at the twist of the wrist. The sound of our bikes engine...The smell of burning rubber from ur bike's tyres..The happiness of your knee scraping on every corner..the exhaust note in the echoing ghats..the view of landscapes from behind ur bike's handlebars...Nirvana is this..!


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