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Experience & Pics: Driving the new Mercedes E63 ////AMG at Buddh International Circuit

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Mercedes launched the new E63 ////AMG in India at Rs. 1.29 crore Ex Delhi. This has come shortly after the facelift E Class launch. The car was launched at the Buddh International Circuit. As part of the event we were given the chance to drive the E63 on the track. Quite exciting this since I have driven lots of sports cars and exotics but never on a track so was worth looking forward to.

I arrived at Buddh around noon and immediately registered myself for the event. Being in the pit lane of an F1 circuit is an awesome experience. Seeing the huge Grandstand in front of you seems just out of this world. Looked around and saw the meat that was waiting for us. There were 4 E63s at our disposal along with 2 SLS AMGs which were the pace cars .The new E63 comes with a 5.5 litre Bi Turbo V8 motor putting out 557 horses @5500rpm. Torque is a crazy 720 Nm @ 5200rpm. 0 to 100 kph is finished off in 4.2 seconds while top speed is restricted 250 kph. It comes with a AMG Speedshift 7G-Tronic gearbox.

Well finally it was my turn to take to the wheel. And surprise surprise the heavens decided to add a fun quotient and it started raining. So my first ever track day was going to be a wet one. Strapped myself into the car and wore my helmet. Our cars were equipped with walkie talkies to follow instructions from our German instructors who who be leading in the SLS. We started off slowly trying to get to know the track first time around. It was a fantastic experience to get to know the technique to take corners all around. However it was flat out acceleration and I touched 220 kph on the back straight. The key is to brake hard when approaching a corner. You literally slam the brakes and then turn in. I chose to drive in the Sport Plus with Automatic mode. The growl coming from the V8 is insane and you can imagine how it sounded with so many of these musical instruments playing at the same time.

I got done with my laps and was lead back into the pit lane. I must admit that I didnt want to stop but there were other waiting for their turn as well. Our German instructor came upto me after the drive and appreciated my driving skills saying that I had great control on the corners and took all the correct lines. It was nice to hear these words considering it was my track debut.

Well thats how my day turned out to be. Immensely exciting and fun and I cant wait to do something like this again. Left Buddh with a smile headed to the airport and back home. The first experience is always one to remember and this is no different. I would definitely recommend everyone to go for the open track days that are organized at BIC.

Enjoy the pictures

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This is sheer excellence !! The E -series something really exceptional from Merc.

I can feel the delight that you have got while driving it on F1 track. the perfect way to test this beauty !!

I wish i could be there to witness its launch !!!

Anyways ...keep it up and keep going ahead !!!

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Hey Prancing Horse,

Great report & no need to say how lucky you are to be doing all this :P

Only negative that it was a rainy day otherwise in dry conditions would have been more fun ;)


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