Should I buy Force One 2013?/ Alternative to Force One

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I am planning to buy a new SUV . Below are my requirements

1. Budget: 13L to 15L

2. 7 Seater SUV

3. Should be Spacious

4. Engine should be good

5. Good ride quality

6. Should have minimum feature list.

Considering all above I came to conclusion that I should buy Force One 4x4 with ABS. I do have option of XUV & Safari Strome (Scorpio not in my list.) But I don’t want XUV because of its Space problem in third row & absolutely no Luggage space. Don’t want Safari, because of its engine problem.

On the other hand I’m scared of some reviews of Force One like A.C Problem etc. but dealers are saying they have rectified the AC Problem in new Force One.

Please suggest me.

Note: Force One owners , please give your feedback & advice me whether to buy it or not.

Thanks in advance

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Force has been around for over 18 months now , sold about 2600 units, they have worked around many an issues.

If you are brave enough to go in for Force why not an Aria.

Also in my view Storme is a true SUV , its easy on the pocket too.

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Force one is a good vehicle, but it is not as refined as some of the others you have mentioned.

And as pointed out above - if you are brave enough to buy Force one, might as well have a look at Aria. It will fit in to your budget and satisfy most of the criterias mentioned by you.

XUV is also good but as you said space is important for you, Aria is not a bad choice.

You will have to compromise slightly on the third row space, but overall a much better package.

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Instead of Force One and since you have ruled out tata Safari (Which is one of th best SUV available) try and consider ;

==> Chevrolet Enjoy / Tavera

==> Nissan Evalia

==> Mahindra Xylo

==> Tata Sumo Grande MKII

Atleast above vehicles have already established their A.S.S. Network as well as parts are available in small cities also so there is some hope of better service and support but in case of Force One you will be on edge every time when you are on highway or in remote area where there is rare / NIL possibility of getting your Force One repaired in case of emergency.

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There is a difference between a MUV and a SUV. A true compact or mid size SUV like XUV, Scorpio, Storme and now EcoSport etc. typically shouldn't have seating for 7 people. If they do, don't expect comfort out of the 6th and 7th (& sometimes 8th) seat. It is rightly said that sometimes 'Size Does Matter' and it holds true in case of a 7 or 8 seater SUV. Full size SUVs like the Fortuner offer better comfort to last row occupants when compared to their smaller siblings. However, in your case, I think its more of a MUV you are looking for than a SUV. A 4x4 would only come in handy if you take the vehicle for serious off-roading or there are knee deep potholes in your area. In our daily run to work and back, a 4x2 does a perfect job by giving better fuel efficiency. Going by your list above, I would highly recommend that you test drive the Xylo and the Innova. I am sure you would find both the vehicles matching your expectations. Happy Buying!

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Why only looking for Force one? This vehicle still needs some time to get settled down in the SUV segment and needs refinement as well.

If you want 3rd row comfortable SUV, then look for ARIA as it is the best in this price bracket. If 3rd is not your priority go for Storme. It is much better and far more refined SUV than other that you listed out.

Scorpio is also good but looks dated now, and M&M is looking for upgrade - a completely refershing Scorpio is soon to be announced (may be in 2014 Auto Expo)

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Few days back we got a post from one of the owner of Force One stating it to be a pathetic vehicle in SUV segment.

pls. refer the forum topics.

I would personally suggest to go for storme as the new safari strome is indeed a real SUV. dont compare it with older models of safari.

Scorpio being dated now still own a good share in this segment.

If you want to go for SUV then you need to compromise on 3rd row seating option. XUV500 is also well tested and nice option and owner are really satisfied with the performance of the vehicle.

If you want comfort for all 3 rows with baisc power and ease handling go for ertiga, innova, aria !!!

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