Tuning my Ford Fiesta, 2011 model


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I want to do an ECU remap in my Ford Fiesta. The engine feels a bit under-powered in the mid-range of the powerband. Is an ECU remap the best option or is getting a piggy-back unit for the ECU better since it can be removed when not needed? Also what else can i do to increase the power without affecting the reliability of the engine?

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See AllanF, the improvement in power output of the engine is a major modification which always have a risk of loosing the reliability of the engine components. The best way to tune up the power are - 1.) Getting the ECU remapped.

2.) Getting new performance parts fitted like the new air filter, exhaust system and many more.

3.) Getting the car engine fixed with a new Turbocharger.

The cheapest of the ways is to get the ECU remapped. ECU remapping won't cause a huge bump up in the engine power nor it would improve the 0 to 100 kmph timing much but the effect that it would cause is just better pumping of the fuel. Hence, would only have a little effect and not much as you expect to have. Although the dirveability of the car would improve a little too.

Getting a tuning box fitted is the best option to have a power bump inside the engine. A tuning box increases around 20 to 30 bhp power, which in itself is a huge bump. Also it costs reasonably well for what it does. With tuning box some parts of your engine would be changes like new air filters for better breathing of engine plus ECU of your car engine would also be remapped in order to expand and make the raw power usable and tractable. Thus, fitting a tuning box would definitely make you satisfy.

The tuning box could only be fitted in the authorized dealers like the Pete's tuning shop, which is a renowned name in Indian tuning. Also you can opt for other tuning shops who have a well experienced workers that could easily fit these kits inside your car. Also, before tuning it up call the dealership in order to ask that fitment of such kits would void the engine warranty? Fitting aftermarket accessories always void the warranty of the engine. Also get it checked that would it affect the electrical system of the car plus would the dealership be able to service the car properly in future?

Tuning can be fun if and only if done in a proper way. The burning incident of the Audi R8 in the Parx Supercar rally 2012 was an example of bad aftermarket fitting. So, please go only to a renowned tuning shop. Because spending a few thousands more can cost your life!!

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Well tejen has covered majority of the part, I'ld like to add one small but most cost efficient performance upgrade; In Topgear (Season 20/21), they featured story on similar subject & in that they found that use of high performance fuel is best cost efficient performance upgrade & can improve the performance around 20%! & I've myself experienced the boost in various vehicles with likes of Shell Super!

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