Maruti Suzuki Project YL1,EDIT: Its the Ciaz


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Maruti needs to undercut Honda City and Hyundai Verna in pricing to stand any chance of success.

C2 segment is entirely different from hatchbacks and CS and Maruti knows this. They are already at a starting disadvantage w.r.t to engine (be it Petrol/Diesel) and City is selling like hot cakes with more than 7k+ units/month.

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Based on the strong information that Maruti Suzuki S-cross crossover is likely to come up with Peugeot sourced DV6 1.6 litre HDi Diesel engine, this fact can't be ruled that New Ciaz sedan can also come up with same 1.6litre Diesel engine shared with S-cross crossover also.

Reason being Fiat sourced 1.3 litre Multijet(DDiS in Maruti Suzuki terminology) Diesel even 90PS VGT avatar seems to be too small to lug 4.5m+ sedan which even can get more worse when loaded with passengers & their luggage, whereas customers in this segment are more power hungry as competition already offers it in abundance.

So to fight on competition & to make product standout in performance one can't rule out its feasibility in Ciaz. On the positive note it can give economies of scale in terms of spare parts cost if it gets implemented in more than one car even if available as CBU or CKD unit.

BTW, There was also a news that Ciaz sedan is 20kgs lighter than previous SX4 sedan. So, 1.3 DDiS 90PS engine implementation this car can't be ruled out altogether as Maruti Suzuki might have worked on this driveability also for this car.

As per source ( trial production for Ciaz sedan has already been commenced at Maruti Suzuki Manesar plant.

Lets wait for the final words from spy guys or we need to wait till official confirmation for this.

Read more about Peugeot DV6 1.6 HDi Diesel engine at: http://forum.autocar...8#entry162488#6


Text addition.

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The Maruti Suzuki Ciazwill be launched in Septemebr. The Maruti Suzuki Ciaz has been spotted numerous times being tested around Maruti’s Gurgaon facilityThe car which was previewed as a concept at the Auto Expo in Delhi, earlier this year, looks aggressively stylish with those double-barrel headlamps which sweep upwards, large chrome grille in the centre and wide, sporty bumpers at both ends, however, the rear tail-lamps are dangerously similar to those on the new Honda City. The car is wider than the outgoing SX4 and promises excellent back-seat comfort.

Other features on the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz will include :

Push-Button Start

Rear AC Vent

Driver Seat with height adjustment

Dead Pedal

Leather upholstery

16 inch tyres

The Maruti Suzuki Ciaz will be powered by both diesel and petrol powerplant options and both should be available at launch. The petrol will be the 1.4 Liter K-Series engine from the Ertiga which makes 95 ps of power and 130 Nm of torque. The diesel option will be the same old 1.3 Liter DDiS motor which will be tuned for 90 ps and 200 Nm of torque. The Maruti Suzuki Ciaz will be priced in the range of INR 7.5-10.5 lakhs. Bookings should commence in early August.(Source: Zigwheels)

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Sorry but I find WoW factor missing in the design.

I mean it looks Ok, may be good (rear same as City), but nothing which overshadows current C2 sedans (City/Verna).

C pillar and window line looks almost similar to current Sx4.

But again Maruti will play their price card well.

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Design wise Ciaz looks very proportionate and have very aggressive stance which make Ciaz's profile very appropriate even for enthusiasts looking for doing some exterior design modifications. Even by adding just spoiler and alloys it will look fab.

As against the price card Maruti's reliability factor and acceptability among large base of consumers is rocksolid and after success of Ertiga it looks like people will accept Ciaz as a premium offering from Maruti.

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The design is very safe and doesn't offend anyone, if not excite everyone. It is sure to cater to a wide audience. The looks are elegant and the car looks spacious. Maruti should do some careful marketing and be aware that its cars are not seen as status symbols, and not get over-excited with the pricing. I think this should do well if priced in the region of 8-10 lacs.

The SX4 sedan was a great car, but amazingly didn't do well as Maruti would have liked it to. This was in spite of it being loaded with features and having decent performance/economy. Hopefully Maruti has done their home work well on this one, and give us a good deal with specification and variants.

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Only way Maruti can make this car a big success against stiff competition is by loading it with features and under cutting others in price. They are already at a disadvantage when it comes to engines (petrol/diesel both).

BTW, the more I see it's front grill, more I get reminded of previous gen Hyundai Verna.

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