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Scoop pics: Audi A3 sedan spotted testing in Mumbai

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A3 looks like an A4, which is a good thing for people shopping for an entry level premium brand :)

Also the engine line ups Globally are;

- 1.4 TFSI develops 138hp and 250 Nm

- 2.0 TDI develops 148hp and 320 Nm

- 1.8 TFSI develops 177hp and 250 Nm

^ Pretty strong IMO & definitely will be a quick car :P

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audi has cleverly not used the psychedelic camouflage that it uses on other test mules that run in the city of Mumbai, recently the facelift A8L that's doing the round. This one I feel is kept caemo-free so that it blends with the traffic and people mistake it as a normal A4.

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Here are pictures of the new Audi A3 sedan and it has been spotted testing in India in Mumbai city. The A3 is supposed to come to India in 2014. The A3 sedan is supposed to come with TFSI petrol and TDI diesel engines. Here are the pics

Source: Indianautosblog

Looks a normal Audi, nothing to excite about!! Simple used and tested power mills under the hood, although good and powerful for Indian traffic conditions.

Now, the things depends upon how the Audi prices it. THe main competition that it's going to face would be the very first car of their own brand i.e. A4 2.0 TDi that's priced very very well for luxury car market. Also A3 have same design language as for A4 plus the A4 have plus point for more rear seat space.

The other that would definitely hamper the Audi is the upcoming Merc CLA. That's got incredible design language to attract crowd anywhere. The car looks stunning for it's price plus the space is also nearly same. Altough the cost is not clear yet but would be priced nearly same with a max. +1 Lakh.

Let's see what happens but it's sure Audi is going to rock the market again.

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