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I own bajaj pulsar 180(UG4). I am having some issues with the front disc brake. Braking is not upto the mark. The disc brake has 'drum brake like' feel. Since 4-5 months m facing this problem...Even the lever feels sloppy! Have to pull it a lil more than before. I changed the brake oil( kbx DOT4 as recommended by the manufacturer), installed a new brake kit, changed dis pads but it did not make much difference! what might be the problem?

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AmeyaSG, failure of a disc breake is a scary situation that you are facing. The basics include that -

** Get it checked at the authorized service point of company by an experienced mechanic.

** Cable stretch can be a major problem, it leads to spongy feel in the disc brakes and reduces braking power.

** Cables and housing can be rusted that ultimately leads to jamming of braking system.

** Dirty, rusty, wrecked and damaged rotor can also be a main cause to this.

** Check all the bolts from rotors to the cable housing. Loosening of bolts can also be a cause of this.

If this primary inspection leads to fault then get it done & still if you don't find anything suspicious then please immediately go to the dealership.

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Get your disc brakes skimmed and check if there is dirt/small stones trapped between the disc brake and and brake pad. Also check the hydraulic cable of the disc brake for any leaks if you are having a spongy lever.

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@thecompro, i agree with most of the things that Tejen has mentioned.

I too live in NCR and have an Etios, though it's a petrol.

Have been using it for 2.5 yrs now, no issues.

First of all, Rapid/Vento sits say 1/2 a segment(C2) above Etios.

Between Rapid/Vento and Etios, if you want solid build then go for them.

Else from practicality and low maintenance perspective, it should be between Etios and Amaze.

From build quality, Amaze seems slightly better than Etios but i guess new Etios 2013 model is vastly improved. You will be the best person to judge them in person.

However, from space and total cost of ownership perspective, Etios is better.

Etios D should give you around 19-20kmpl in city easily. Amaze has a better mileage on paper but i can't comment of actual figures. Though have heard it's varying too much (some people are getting very good mileage and some poor).

As for the metal sheet thickness/safety concerns, just to give you an example, my Etios got hit by a tractor trailer in NCR (trailer suddenly took right turn) and hit my car on left hand side. I had immediately applied the brakes but the sound of the impact was so high that i first thought it might have not only destroyed left doors/fender but might have an impact on chassis too.

But thankfully there were no injuries and car had only dents/scratches on left doors/fenders with broken left ORVM.

Also, to me, GD(SP) variant of Etios is better VFM than VD(SP) as you get all the safety features of top variant sans some cosmetic things, which i guess should not be such a deterrent.

Yes there you go. Another reasons to buy the Toyota.

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I apologies for the mistake i committed above. This post was meant for somewhere else but due to some technical faults went up here. It's got nothing related to this post. So please avoid it.

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