Leaked images of the Ford Everest / Endeavour concept


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Hey guys

Just came across images of what could be a concept for the next Ford Everest. The Everest is of course sold as the Endeavour in India. From the pictures it appears that it has got a more butchy stance. Unlike the boxy shape of our current Endeavour, this one seems to have some rounded edges for sure. I like the look of that front grille. The rear looks similar to the Toyota Fortuner.

Looks like worthy replacement for the now aging Endy in our country.


Source: Indianautosblog

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wow! thats what i call an SUV. Give this in the hands of Joginder singh and he shall price it right :P

Any interior pics ?

Hahahaha Sarabjeet good one! He will definitely price it well. But the looks of the SUV are really tough. Esp. those big wheel arches and monster truck like tyres. Muscle man typical American styling. Will see the face of buyers when it comes to Indian market.

"Hey lord, may Ford price this one too well like Figo and Ecosport !! Amen"

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Thanks for sharing the pics bhpcrazy!!

I noticed something.. The pics you posted above look a lot similar to the pics posted by cars4life in post #1.

And i loved this particular design!! If this design makes it to production many would opt for it over Toyota's Fortuner just for its butch looks!!

But those pics have no resemblance with the ones posted by PrancingHorse in post #9 & #15!!

Confused!! :blink:

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Its a no-brainer that Ford has its eye and teeth on the Fortuner with this one. And a very promising one at that. The Endevaour has quite a fan following in India for its rugged nature and solidity and this new model will be a strong rival to the Fortuner. But Ford should not get carried away and overprice it, and dig their own grave. Hopefully Ford has its learned its lesson in India, offering great pricing structures for the Figo and the Ecosport.

Although called a concept, this looks like a production-ready model to me. They retained most of the good bits of the Ecosport from the concept stage, I guess they will repeat their success mantra here too.

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Looks really great.

I wish Ford India gets their pricing right for this monster (and a real stunner, too).

As the ground clearance looks like 170+, excise duty concessions may not be there for

this. Keeping that in mind, I wonder how Ford India is going to price it !!!!

Itching to see the interiors.

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TheT4 is a Ford badged Brazil-only off-roader that looks pretty cool and has recently been heavily revamped and modernized for its second-gen incarnation.

The company that builds it was founded in 1995, and the model was introduced in 1999, sporting a three-liter turbodiesel engine. It’s grown to be pretty popular too, with hitting the 4-million sales mark back in 2010.

The T4 resembles the Jeep Wrangler The engine powering this latest one is a Ford 3.2-liter diesel, which could be the same five-cylinder unit some may be familiar with from the Transit, driving all four wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox – if it’s the five-pot, it sounds great and provides impressive poke; actual specs were not revealed.

Looks quite nice to me . Maybe Ford should get this year to compete with the Jeep line up in India



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