Which SUV to buy

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hey thard,smiley17.gif

glad to hear dat u took into consideration the fact i mentioned that imports might b cut!!but u still cant b sure bout it gettin aqll depends on a certain Mr.chidambaram!!!quick guys,on ur knees nd pray  so dat he'll at lest reduce import duties if not completely remove themsmiley36.gif!!!!!!!!imagine guys,we could be paying like 13-15 lacs for  the 2.4 ltr CR-V!!!!!smiley1.gif

oh nd thard,dont even think of buyin the pajero!!!they are just sellin it to clear stocks!it luks sooooooo damn old!smiley7.gif!like its from another century!!nd its interiors luk like they were made in the 18th century!!yuck!why even consider the pajero when you hav SUV's like the captiva nd CR-V which are light years ahead!


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oh nd the santa fe might cost nethin b/w 20-22 lacs so unless youb hav the gandhis 4get bout waitin for it!plus its a hyundai which has virtually no brand value in india or newhere else in the world for that matter!

hyundai's best for small cars!smiley2.gif

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