Lee Iacocca- An Autobiography

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Lee Iacocca is a marketing man. He made history by turning around

Chrysler Corporation in the early 1980's.His autobiography gives an

insight into the murky world of automobile company  boardroom games and

wars.  His  strained relationship with Henry Ford II due to which he

quit Ford Motors  in the 1970's, after conceptualizing and making the Ford Mustang (since 1965) a  best

seller , reveals many unknown facts about the auto companies boardroom.

My bookworm friends here may please read this autobiography.

I also sighted  Lee Iacocca's website :

He has written another book lately which is not automobile related:





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Thanks for bringing his name up. I am sure the majority of forum members have not heard of this legend. Shows by no response to your port.  Also, any information about the other legend DeLorean, and his handiwork?

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Source: Los Angeles Times

sgiitk something about John DeLorean

Then there was the man himself. John DeLorean had been a rising star at

General Motors Corp. in the 1960s -- he's credited with conceiving the

GTO and the Firebird -- when he decided to chuck it all and start his

own car company. (He'd already shed the button-down GM lifestyle,

opting for flashy clothes, styled hair and celebutante girlfriends.)

Despite his attention-grabbing persona and product, DeLorean couldn't

sell enough of the $25,000 cars to stay afloat. By 1982, his company

was in receivership. He hit rock bottom that year when he was busted on

charges of cocaine trafficking. He was acquitted, but the ordeal in

effect ended his business career. He died in March 2005.

DeLorean's car would live on, thanks primarily to "Back to the Future,"

the top-grossing film of 1985. Ditching their original idea of using an

old refrigerator as a time machine, the scriptwriters opted for a

modified DeLorean because of its futuristic look, particularly the

doors, according to co-writer Bob Gale.

The movie made Michael J. Fox a star -- and launched the DeLorean pop cult.

"John DeLorean wrote us a fan letter after the movie came out: 'Thank

you for keeping my dream alive,' " Gale recalls. "Probably half of the

people who own DeLoreans today own them because they saw 'Back to the

Future.' "

The enduring appeal of the car keeps Espey's Texas shop and its affiliates busy.

Espey's company acquired the parts and engines that were left over

after DeLorean's company went belly up; it also owns the trademarks and

many of the engineering drawings.

Espey's 20-person operation handles a dozen or so rebuilds a year and

has an eight-month waiting list. (Buying and restoring a used DeLorean

will cost you about $25,000; they'll strip one to the frame and

completely rebuild it for a base price of $42,500.)

At DeLorean Motor Co. (California) in Garden Grove, there are 15 cars

in for service or refurbishing at any given time, Botkin says.

With 200 of the original 2.8-liter V-6 engines still in stock and

facing a dwindling supply of cars suitable for rebuilding, Espey

figures that within a year or so they'll start making the cars from


Their manufacturing plans are modest -- maybe 20 or so cars a year. But

it would be quite a comeback for a car that was given up for dead more

than a quarter of a century ago.

And based on the reaction Botkin gets when he takes his "BTTF" DeLorean out for a spin, there's a market out there.

"I can't park it without attracting a pile of people," he says. "We

like to cruise up and down PCH just to get people's reactions.

"It's a smile maker."


A DeLorean of the 1980's

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One problem i have with Lee Iacocca's autobiography is he never

mentions the Ford Pinto project in his book. He only tells about his

success stories.  It doesnt make him a villain or anything but it

would have been interesting to hear his own version on the notorious


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well for all the bookworm guys and with an automobile as the subject line its the -WORLDS GRATEST SALESMAN,by JOE GIRARD...its one of the best books i`ve read and shows the journey of a auto sales executive inthe US working for a chevy dealership,how he gets along doing his biz and winning customers.its a great read and a must recommend to all

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