Skoda Laura RS !!!

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When is the LAURA expected this year .

I have seen many owners doing Laura RS mods to the exterior of their Laura .Looks damm good but when is this Accord V6 killer coming.

Few specs

Turbo diesel with 180 bhp

low profile tyres with different alloys

0-100 under 10 sec.

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The engine is 2.0 and has a performance of 147kW (200hp), reaching a maximum torque moment of 280Nm at 1800 - 5000 rpm.

The fastest and most powerful of the Skoda models serially produced to date, the sedan version has acceleration from 0 - 100 Km/h in 7.3 sec, and readily reaches a speed of up to 240 Km/h.



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just came through this.....


2.0 PD RS

We say: Absolutely delicious engine that is sure to make the grin go wider be the estate or hatch

Price: Rs 18 lakh (est)
Performance: 0-100kph in 8.5secs, 225kph max speed,
kpl NA Tech: 1968cc 4cyl, 170bhp, FWD, 350Nm, kg NA


well it's contradicting to my earlier post...... so are there 2 laura rs? probably one with petrol engine?..... i actually got the earlier one saved on my pc for a long tme.... don't even remember where did i found it....

here is the full cover by topgear

Performance is an odd word to club with diesel and estate, but somehow, it works In the Scandinavian gloom.

CombiRS_front3.jpgListen. Driving on the right is terrifying. It starts with left-hand drive, where everything is suddenly unfamiliar, everything that

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So Here is the news...... I think there are actually 2 laura coming up......

1. PD rs..... the one mentioned by top gear

2. Vrs Petrol..... the one about which i posted ealier


TFSI Petrol engine

1984cc engine
18" rims with 225/40-18 tyres


So any one if the existing skoda wil still be there???????

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Oh, but Honda DOES have the diesel tech. It's just that either setting up a manufacturing unit or importing the engines will cost so much money!

Besides, if Indians had the choice of buying a Honda diesel, who do you think would buy the petrols? ;)

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When is the new laura Rs coming out ?

i thought u were interested in the Cruze' date=' what happ?


i am intrested in both... have to drive the cruze to luv it! i am sold out with the laura but the again price and maintainence goes in a bit of con.. = i think cruze will launch day after..then i will make my decision.. i am 5-11ft tall.. so the cruze will be quit uncomfortable sitting behind for me..

hearing about turbo lag in cruze... OMG i live in mumbai and theres allways traffic !!

turbo get will be a pain the ***


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