My new Arctic white Swift DZire ZXi

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Nice pics Prashant. Update regularly :) :)

thanks :)


Congrats for your New Samsung Galaxy Note 3 also & thanks for the pics.

BTW, for how much you got Dzire's steering wheel cover ? Is it MGA or an aftermarket fitment !

thanks and you caught my new note :D and for the cover, I got a basic kit from the showroom which had mats, steering cover and some other goodies all in 1500 and they are of MGA

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Completed 1000km :D


Hi Prashantroxx,

The steering wheel cover of your car seems to be a nice fit & of good quality.

Can you please post the complete pic of the steering wheel of your DZire ? & share some details about the cover itself ?

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1 Year Update-

So my car has complete its first year and it has served us well. In the ageing days of my other car Scorpio, this has been a good alternative to that. The average economy of the car has been ranging between 10-12 kmpl in city and around 16 on NH and can give you 20+ on a expressway with a light foot. The engine is a gem and it is best of both worlds. It can be efficient when you want it to and can be powerful too. The surge of power it has makes me smile like this -> :D:P Below 2000 rpm there is lack of power but at the moment when it gets past 3000 revs, it can give car from a segment above run for their money ;)

Problems faced-

1. Range-

i found that the petrol variant is having a small range and can barely do 600kms whereas some german cars can do more than 900km on a single tank.

2. Vibrations while braking-

This problem is there from day 1.It doesn't happen on city speeds, but when you are at speeds more than 70, the car vibrates a lot while braking. The brakes act as if they are getting engaged and disengaged every second. After a Delhi - Lucknow trip, this problem came even at low speeds. My driver then took the car to the service centre and they cleaned the brakes and the car still has some vibrations and they told that it will be there.

3. Thin sheet metal panels-

These days all automakers are using thin panels for weight reduction and decreasing costs. So it isn't a big problem, but if you trip over on your car, there can be a dent :)

4. Rear fog lamp-

It became non functional and i was about to take it to MASS, but then i kicked on it and it glowed :D

These are the small problem till the day. As of today, it has covered 7229 km and my decision for getting a petrol ZXi over diesel VDi is now evident :).

By the next year, my scorpio will get replaced by a Fortuner or A3 Sedan, but this will still be special and i intend to keep it for 6 years more :)

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Completed 10000km. It is now 1year and 8 months old but the car doesnt have the punch. I might upgrage to a Polo TSi. The car is now boring and i am seeking a replacement as soon as 4 years are completed.

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So I had an unfortunate accident 1 hour ago. :(

Last week, my mom was driving the car and a tractor trailer was turning into the service lane and banged the rear bumper. There was no visible damage but the frame was broken and small scratches. Since the car was lying unused today, i was taking it to the Rohan motors Noida today.

Just half km away from the MASS, a motorcyclist banged into my car. I was a 0 kmph at the time of impact and the over speeding biker crashed and got some small bruises. I made sure he was ok, and then he rode away after apologising to me.

So both the front and rear bumpers are damaged and will get them repaired via my insurance.

I was going to update about some of the accessories i have put on the car and a 2 year ownership report, but i will do that once i get the car back. I am feeling very bad about this because it is the 1st crash i have ever had in my life. Will get a dash cam installed ASAP. All the fellow ACIans please get a dash cam installed. If something major happens, you will have some proof.

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