Our new Toyota Fortuner 2.5 AT 4x2Pearl White Mica...!

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Hi, we recently bought a Toyota Fortuner 2.5 AT 4x2. It had completed 2300kms on the odo and I think its the right time to review my car.

Ride and HandlingThe ride is very smooth and it takes the big potholes with ease. The handling of the car i feel is very good and i feel comfortable when taking big turns. The steering feels very light in city and when its crosses 70-80 the steering weights up nicely.

Space – When you step on the car it feels you are on a 5star hotel. Its legroom is pretty large and the seats are well cushioned. It is a very comfortable car. It can take 7-8 passengers at a time with ease.

Looks – From the outside it looks like muscular. The bumper is well lined and the light are pretty good. And the sliding roof is just good to see from the sides. From the back its the Toyota land cruiser. Overall from outside its great looking.

FE – It gives a mileage of 8-9kmpl in city and 10-12kmpl on highways. Worst FE i got 6kmpl on a very heavy traffic and best 13kmpl.

Check out some pics of the car.


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We had changed the alloys but can anyone suggest any good alloys the new alloys were not good. I didn't like them ^_^

Congrats ra4. Your car looks great. Can I know from where you got those bumpers (black ones). And I think those alloys are perfect. Why to waste money for another alloys.

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thats changed and the bumper also. But i am confused. Someone had posted congrats ra4. And it appears to be me. I think it is a forum problem. Please make it correct.

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Many congratulations .

You seem to be a big Toyota fan ,you buy nothing else.

Which alloys do you want to change to ?

Boy ! i havent been this confused before.

Somehow these pictures all look of different vehicles

The alloys are different in the first two pictures , then we have another pic of an alloy wheel.,which one are on the vehicle currently?

Then the rear is missing the red Automatic bagding while the interiors clearly show the Automatic gears

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