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All new zmr, worth to wait?

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Hello moderator and hello everyone,

Well i need a bike desperately and confused between karizma zmr and upcoming zmr. Well i have avrg knowledge of cars and bikes and i want to choose only between those two bikes.

I am totally satisfied with zmr's Mileage,performance, looks. no problem at all but now i am thinking to buy the upcoming zmr because old zmr is outdated now and i just want to know that When it will be launching new zmr? expectations? And what about the mileage??? Mileage I want is above 30 or 30 but not less than this. And after all what will be the price for new zmr??? does it worth to wait for it??? And about maintenance issue???

Sorry for much question but many of us want answers of this types of qtns. Thanx in advance :)

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I suggest you to wait for the new ZMR, the old one is just outdated. I hope Hero will not miss this festive season. It is expected to launch somewhere between October and December.

They have not reaveled the specifications yet. There are a lot more expectations from a leading 2-wheeler company.

I am quite sure mileage won't be less than 30.

The price is not a constrain for the right product. Moreover, there is a upcoming price hike by all 2-wheeler companies. (Bajaj and Mahindra have already announced the hike). Still I hope the pricing will be competitive.

Always feel free to ask any questions.

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I would too suggest you to wait for a few days. Lokesh was right, when he said that Hero will not want to miss out an opportunity to cash in on this festive season.

Expect the bike to be launched around Diwali!! And expect in to be priced at a min. 10k over the outgoing bike!!

Inputs have been taken from Erik Buell Racing and hence i expect its handling and performance to be much better than the outgoing bike!!

We'll have to wait for a detailed review, but till then hold your horses!!

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