Upgrade my Dzire with 6x9's

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Hi everyone!

Last month i purchased a new Swift Dzire ZXi. The sound system is fine but i found the rear speakers don't have base at all. I nm planing to get some 6x9 speakers in the boot.

1. Is it possible to keep the rear parcel speakers and the 6x9's both at the same time?

2. How much do they cost and

3. Do i need an Amplifier for that?

I don't want an amp as they will add the cost so please tell me the cheapest option. The front speakers are awesome i just want rear speakers.

Thanks in advance :D

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Yes you can go with 6x9's

you can check JBL,PIONEER or SONY

if you really need bass in your car then i would suggest to go for a bass tube.

bass tube will give you phenomenal output.

if you will go for 6x9's then also you need an amplifier to power them, so i will suggest you to go with a bass tube with a four channel amplifier .

both the option will cost you the same!

but bass tube is the better option!



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